top five

So, after a crazy week of job hunting I thought I would blog today about something a little fun. While watching some Homeland this morning (I'm addicted, btw) I took the opportunity to shoot some photographs for the blog of my top five red lip products.

If you know me well you will have seen me in a red lip at least once or twice (or every day). Whether daytime or evening I always turn back to the classic colour as I find it just picks up my look, especially now that I am wearing more monochrome clothes as a part of my capsule wardrobe adventures. I also quite like how a bold red lip compliments the thick framed glasses I usually sport.

Due to this obsession with bold, red lips I have been constantly in search of the perfect red - one that is long lasting, matte, and yet not too drying. Although I am not sure I have found the perfect match, I have found some great products over the years that I absolutely love and I thought I would talk about them here.

Now, I do not by any means consider myself a beauty blogger and this blog is not a beauty blog. There are a lot of great bloggers out there who know a lot more about this than I do, but I do enjoy reading their thoughts on their favourite beauty products because I feel I am getting a real perspective as opposed to one sold to me in a magazine. Now, I am no stranger to the fact that many of these bloggers are paid to promote products, but for the most part they do give their honest opinions

revlon top tomato

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato

I can't remember where I heard about this one but it was definitely came recommended by someone online. I had grown tired of creamy red lipsticks that just wouldn't stay put and would sometimes even migrate off the lip line so when I found this I was so pleased. In the tube it looks like it has a slight shimmer but this is not noticable on the lips. The colour is quite bright but it still has a slight blue hue to it, making it perfect for winter.

Harry calls this product magic. It seriously hold up to everything; it will last all day and night through meals of any kind, hot mugs of tea, smoochin'... you name it. The only downside is that when you first apply it the product is quite sticky, so it's one you should apply before you leave the house. My advice is to sit down and watch a youtube video or two before you go, being sure not to move your lips, and then it will be perfect. It's not a product you can really smoosh your lips together with as it really does not want to move. If you are a "smoosher" then this can cause the product to sort of gather up in spots, but if you are conscious of that it is perfect. One more thing is that it does not top up well. If you notice that it is fading it is better to just let it fade, because I have found that throwing additional product on top messes with it longevity.

Because it is so long wearing this product is a little bit difficult to remove and is therefore a tad drying, but following it up with some Nuxe Reve de Miel before bed fixes everything. Despite its downsides I still love this product and it's perfect when I know I'll be out for the night and don't want to think about what my lipstick looks like, because I know it always looks like new.

russian red

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

I know I said I haven't found my perfect match, but really this lipstick is perfect. The colour, the formula - everything. I have not used a standard lipstick (by standard I mean a solid cream formula in a bullet) that has been so long lasting and so pigmented. For a matte formula it glides across the lips and does not feel drying at all. This will not last through a meal, which to me is its only downside, but it certainly holds up to the general wear and tear of a normal day.

If you suffer from dry lips, which I sometimes do, using a lip scrub prior to application will help get rid of any patches this product might cling to. After that, application is so easy. The product goes on easily in one or two swipes. With a little attention paid to the cupids bow you have a perfect, glamorous red lip in seconds. You know in cartoons when a female character will apply lipstick and she has perfect lips in one swipe? This is that lipstick.

It's the lipstick that makes you feel like you have your shit together. Basically, if you're 25 and looking for a job and living at home, run to MAC and buy this lipstick.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red

This product I picked up when I was in Canada in October after hearing much hype from bloggers such as Lily Pebbles and Amelia Liana. After using the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate in Top Tomato for years I was looking to try another long wearing lipstick/stain that was not as sticky or drying and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Touted as a lightweight and a highly pigmented stain with with comfortable wear, I thought this could be the one! *heart eye emoji *

Firstly, just let me say that this smells INCREDIBLE, like a pot of vanilla buttercream icing. I am usually not one for scents like that and I was a bit worried because I really did not want it to taste like I was wearing Lip Smakcers all day long. However, any scent immediately goes away once it is on the lips. The applicator is a standard doe foot, but it applies quite accurately so it is easy to get a nice line. It also takes up the correct amount of product so you don't have to worry about coming out with an inadvertant joker face. Also the colour is so bright and bold - it really is a classic red. It is a bit brighter than the revlon and more of a true red, so I wear this more in the spring or summer (but it's just as good for Christmas Day!)

Once applied the formula is still quite wet but it soon settles into the lips and is as long lasting as they say. Throughout the day the product will wear from the centre of the lips but the edges stay in place. While the Revlon holds up to most food, this one I am afraid does not hold up quite as well, especially if the food you are eating has any oils in it. Pasta or even a salad with a viagrette will usually break this one up. But again, the wear is primarily around the centre of the lips so touch up is rather easy.

Overall this is definitely a product I would recommend, particularly if you don't like the feeling of product on your lips. It is one of those highly coveted "barely there" products that still packs a punch yet doesn't budge.


MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Dangerous

This is my spring/summer Russian Red. It is very similar in formula though it does drag a little more in application. However it is still just as long lasting and it's the perfect orange-toned red that I like to sport in the warmer months. I picked this up on my way to France last year in search of Lady Danger, a similar colour but in the standard Matte formula. I am not sure why, but airports apparently don't sell Lady Danger, but I settled for Dangerous and I am still very happy with it. This doesn't appear to be available on the MAC website, so it may be an airport exclusive.

dragon girl

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl

This is a recent addition to my collection. I blame both Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup and Taylor Swift for this purchase. As much as it's a strike to my dignity to admit this I, like the rest of the world, have become obsessed with Taylor Swift. 1989 is totally my jam right now and is on constant loop on my iTunes so when I found out that T-Swizzle's red lip of choice was the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl I just had to make it my own. Anna from VDM raves about this formula all the time (actually, all the time) and I had been wanting to give it a go, so my pursuit of "that red lip classic thing" was the perfect opportunity.

I was pleased to see, when I arrived at SpaceNK to make my purchase, that Dragon Girl has pink undertones despite being a bright red lip. Most of my favourite reds have blue or orange tones to them, so a pinkish red was exactly what I needed to round out my top 5. I quite like this colour, especially for daytime, as it is a bit more subtle and compliments my skintone quite well despite being still quite bold.

As for the texture this is probably the most drying of the bunch but on the whole I find it very comfortable to wear and it applies like a breeze. I also love that it's a pencil, as you can very easily define your lip line without actually having to use a dedicated product.

So there we are, my first foray into the beauty world. I don't know how much more I have to say on the topic as red lips are really my only beauty thing persay. But if I find something I really like or want to share I will probably post about it here. :)