Gorgie Wall

The day after I posted my bucket list Harry and I found our Sunday morning free so we decided to take a stroll in the Edinburgh sunshine to check out Gorgie City Farm.


I had heard a bit about the farm before, mostly that it is a community and volunteer-run green space in the city and a great educational resource for children (and adults!) on farming and food production. I love myself some sheep (I cannot go for a walk in the hills here in Scotland without getting overly excited at their sight - it's just not something that happens in Canada) so I just had to go check out the farm for myself.

Sausage Butty

Another reason why I wanted to go to the farm was to visit their on-site café, so this was our first stop on Sunday morning. I immediately knew what I had to have for breakfast when I took a look at their menu: a breakfast sandwich with an egg and Gorgie City Farm-reared sausage. I assume the eggs were farm-fresh as well because I must say that this was one of the best sausage butties I've had. I know many people might be a bit put off by eating "farm-reared" sausages when you are about to go pet some pigs, but this is exactly the population that would benefit from a visit to GCF. Understanding where your food comes from and what goes into caring for livestock is essential not only for your own enjoyment and appreciation of food, but for your preparation of it. It really makes you think twice about buying a packet of cheap sausages from the grocery store, when you know that it is unlikely that they were made from pigs reared in an environment as ethically and sustainably sound as the Gorgie City Farm.

Gandalf and Oreo

Following our breakfast we began our walk around the farm, being sure to grab a couple wee cups of animal feed before stepping into the barn. In this barn there was a sow, several young pigs, two cows, two pygmy goats and a number of very active goats, including Oreo and Gandalf (the goats who visited Fettes). Throughout the farm there were a number of other animals including sheep (one of which had two lambs only a week later!), plenty of pigs, a reptile and small mammal house, and tons of free range chickens. Harry also found a cat roaming the farm and I think that was his highlight.

Pygmy Goat

All in all the farm, café and garden was a fanstastic expereince and I would recommend a vist to anyone who lives in Edinburgh. It was truly one of the nicest things I have done recently and it was such a nice break from city life without having to even leave the city.

If you want to learn more about Gorgie City Farm and what it's all about, be sure to visit their website.

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