2015 will bring a lot of change. After three years and four months of living abroad in Edinburgh I will be returning to Toronto on January 2nd and although Toronto is my home I have been struggling to find the positives in this relocation.

I love Edinburgh and I love living in the UK. In just over three years I built a life here and it is one that I am finding very hard to say goodbye too. I left Edinburgh on the 20th and have since spent a lovely Christmas holiday with Harry and his family in Marlborough. I didn't feel at all sad while we were celebrating and leaving Edinburgh was easier than I expected it to be, but as festivities have settled down I have had more time to dwell on my eventual departure and have been finding it difficult keep a smile on my face.

Today Harry and I went on a New Year's Eve walk and I expressed that I was finding today particularly hard. I am not a fan of New Year's Eve in general, but this one in particular has been looming for months now. 2014 was a brilliant year and the first full calendar year that Harry and I have spent together. It is a year I do not want to say goodbye to, especially as 2015 will begin with the two of us living on opposite sides of a rather large ocean. Overall, 2015 is just something I do not want to face just yet.

However, Harry reminded me that there is actually plenty to look forward to in 2015. Although the start of the year is not the ideal situation what with a newly long-distance relationship, unemployment and living at home after nearly three and a half years of almost extreme independence, these things are all only temporary.

Here is what I have to look forward to in 2015:

Getting our own Place

In the Spring, once his visa and some other stuff has been sorted, Harry will be moving to Toronto! When he does we will finally be able to get our own place and live together. I am very much looking forward to building a home (if a temporary one) with him in the city I grew up in.

Getting to know Toronto

Although I grew up in Toronto and know it quite well, I have never properly lived in Toronto as an adult. Having lived away from home while at Queen's and then moving to Edinburgh I have spent very little time in Toronto as an adult. In fact, excluding shorter holidays from Uni or Edinburgh I realised that I have only lived in Toronto for the equivalent of a year since I was 17. Toronto is a great city with so much on the go, so I am excited to be able to truly discover what it has to offer when I am not worried about having enough pocket money, if I can get a lift, or having too much homework to do!

Starting my Career

Having just finished my job at Fettes I am in a great position to search for a job that will lead towards a career. As much as I loved working at Fettes, I do want to depart from what I was focusing on there and get more into Social Media and Marketing. I was lucky enough to have some experience in this field while working at Fettes so I certainly have a foot in the door and I am excited to see what I will find myself doing in a month or so.

Workin' on ma Fitness

One thing that I did in the short time I lived in Toronto in the last 8 years (!!) was bikram yoga. I haven't been able to pick this up in Edinburgh as there is only one bikram studio in Edinburgh and it was really not very accessible for me. However in Toronto there is a studio quite near where I live so I will definitely pick that up again when I get home. It's the only fitness activity that I have really enjoyed since I stopped figure skating regularly, so I will be happy to make it a part of my regular routine again.

Come the Spring I would like to take up running again as well - it's something that I would love to be good at (but I'm . I would say I'd do so in January but, you know, winter.

Friends & Family

I have so many wonderful friends still in Toronto and I am of course looking forward to being a part of their regular lives again. I am so lucky to have such great friends who are as close to me now as they were before I moved away. It will also be wonderful to be close to my family again, as skype is only so good when there's a considerable time difference and an ocean between you.

This Blog

With a little extra time on my hands while job searching and then once Harry and I have settled in I will be able to focus some of my attention on developing this blog. I have a lot of content ideas brewing and can't wait to put fingers to keys.

Although I am still sad to be leaving Edinburgh and the UK in general, just looking forward to these parts of my 2015 have made me feel much better about New Year's Eve. Bring on the bubbly!

What are you most looking forward to in 2015?