Welcome to a new blog category! Sidebar will be a place where I will throw short form posts that don’t necessarily fit anywhere else in the bigger categories on this blog.

Now that housekeeping is out of the way, let’s get into it.

I have recently been trying to make running part of my routine. Having something physical to add to your daily routine, especially when working remotely, is really important for me and it has really helped on those stressful days. I haven’t had the chance to make a running playlist yet, so I will usually just listen to a favourite album that is generally upbeat so I have been turning to Haim’s Days are Gone most sessions. Although the whole album is amazing, you need to add “Let Me Go” your running playlist.

Add it toward the end of your run, ideally when you don’t want to run anymore. It’s best for the days when something’s annoyed you. Fight through it. Get the kinks out. Let me it go.